Jill Vitale aka “Flirty Flipper”

Jill has been the Executive Producer for Bernie & Sid since they started middays in 2016 before their move to morning-drive in 2018.

She began working at 77 WABC soon after college in December of 1998 but never planned to go into radio. “I was up there meeting my friend before we went out for drinks. She was running the board and screening calls for this woman named Lynn Samuels and I started to help her. My then boss walked in and hired me on the spot as they were short staffed.”

She then went on to screen calls for Curtis & Kuby until a spot opened up on the Sean Hannity Show. “My boss told me to come in and meet him as I’d never heard of him. First thing he says is do you know who I am and I was like, um, no and he was like, did you ever hear of Fox News and I said well I watch the Simpsons on Fox is that the same channel?! After a few questions about politics of which I knew none of, he told me I was hired and he wanted to put a microphone where I’d sit so I can talk with him on air. I said no way I did not want to talk on radio-I wanted to be a teacher, but he convinced me It’d be fine and it was!” She was let go in 2011 along with 15 other employees as the company changed ownership. She was hired back in 2013 when they brought back Curtis and Kuby to afternoon drive. She lives on Long Island with her husband, 3 children and dog.

Matt Meany

Matt grew up in Rockland County and graduated from North Rockland High School in 2007. Following his graduation Matt would attend the State University of New York at Potsdam majoring in Communications and was a member of the Men’s Swimming and Diving team. In 2011 Matt graduated from SUNY Potsdam and returned to Rockland County where he would begin his career journey.

On a whim, Matt applied for an internship at a small radio station in Westchester County New York. He was accepted and began his radio career as an intern. When the internship had ended, Matt was hired as a part time host/producer/board operator for WFAS-AM 1230. His next step was into a bigger market at 77 WABC where he was hired as a part time board operator. Matt worked his way to becoming a full time producer and board operator of “The Joan Hamburg Show” and “Bernie & Sid” as well as working in the newsroom for “Imus in the Morning”. Following the departure of the “Imus in the Morning” program, Matt took over as the producer and board operator of “Bernie & Sid in the Morning” in 2018.

You can listen to Jill & Matt weekly on their Wrap-It Up Podcast for a behind the scenes look at the Bernie & Sid show and their lives.