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Noam’s love for radio began years ago, as a young boy in Trenton, New Jersey, when he would sneak his clock radio under the covers and listen to late night talk radio stars Sally Jesse Raphael, Irv Homer and Bernard Meltzer. Geeky perhaps, but a premonition for what was in store for him.






Years later, with college graduation looming and the realization that be had little talent to do much else, he set his sights on his Emerson College radio station, WERS in Boston, and quickly realized that this was where his passion, and talents, lay. Following graduation, with no radio offers on the horizon, he took on an assortment of jobs including elevator operator and TV Producer of infomercials, such as his infamous pasta machine ad no doubt watched by millions of insomniacs. His favorite by far, however, was appearing as Bugs Bunny, at the Warner Brothers flagship store in NYC (to this day he can’t look at a carrot without tearing up!). All the while, he pursued any job in radio, in any market that would have him, and his persistence finally paid off when he was offered a gig as morning show host at WSC in Charleston, SC (incidentally, a city he didn’t even know existed before the job offer).

After the birth of his eldest son, he and his wife decided they wanted to move closer to family and he set his sights on the no. 1 market in radio: New York!

Returning to the Northeast, he soon landed a gig at WOR and has since worked across the New York dial but feels he has found his “home” at WABC, where he has been for the last 7 years.

During his radio career, he has received numerous Associated Press awards as well as an Achievement in Radio (AIR) Award for his stint at WSC.

Noam resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife and two young sons (neither of whom sneak a radio under their covers at night much to his relief!).