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Curtis Sliwa

Curtis300Curtis Sliwa, known by millions as the founder and leader of The Guardian Angels, has greatly impacted the American way of life. Curtis refused to accept criminal activity and founded one of the world’s largest grassroots organizations.

The Guardian Angels
In 1979, New York City was the crime capital of the United States. Along with many NYC natives, Curtis Sliwa grew tired of the subway threats, street fights and fearful nights. These dangers and lack of control were the impetus for Sliwa’s groundbreaking idea: The Guardian Angels. Conceived as a grassroots opportunity for individuals to rally with one another, The Guardian Angels quickly became an international phenomenon. Known by their signature red berets, the Angels’ persona stood for justice and the empowerment of individuals.

Today, The Guardian Angels have expanded into 14 countries and over 140 cities. The volunteer organization continues to flourish as individuals assume local responsibility for their communities. It is a constant example of the power of “Us and We, not I and Me.”

Curtis Sliwa’s core ideas resonate well beyond the streets safeguarded by The Guardian Angels. With a unique combination of conviction and charisma, he often speaks before corporate teams, media professionals, senior executives, non-profit associations and educators. Drawing upon community activism as a backdrop, Sliwa draws direct comparisons. The challenge is this: “You have to get involved in the process. Don’t sit on the sidelines.” Sliwa has been privileged to speak for a variety of esteemed organizations including The Children’s Miracle Network, the YMCA, the Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International, the Young President’s Organization, News America Marketing, the New York State Broadcasters Association, the Willow Creek Association, Bob Proctor’s Life Success Consultants and The Salvation Army. His work has been recognized by Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and Bush; applauded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; and commended by business, entertainment, and civic leaders worldwide.

Ron Kuby

kuby_300Ronald L. Kuby is an American criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, radio talk show host and TV commentator. He has hosted radio programs on WABC Radio in New York and Air America Radio.

Kuby was born in Cleveland, Ohio. After his parents divorced when he was five years old, Kuby lived with his mother. At thirteen, he joined the Jewish Defense League under the influence of his father, who was a follower of Meir David Kahane.

In junior high school, Kuby says he was nearly expelled for publishing an underground newspaper critical of the school administration. He left junior high school in ninth grade and emigrated to Israel in 1971. He became disenchanted with what he perceived as the anti-Arab racism he found there, and was deported five months later, likely for participating in anti government activities.

He returned to Cleveland lived in a commune for the next several years. He briefly attended an accredited alternative high school in 1973. He attended Cleveland State University for one year. Kuby dropped out of college in 1974, and moved to St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he worked on a tugboat and developed an interest in West Indian ethnobotany and medicinal plants. He moved briefly to Maine, then to Kansas in 1975 where he completed his degrees in cultural anthropology and history at the University of Kansas.

Kuby was a free-speech and anti-apartheid activist while at KU. Kuby graduated with highest distinction, had a 4.0 average, and conducted and published original fieldwork, including the 1979 “Folk medicine on St. Croix: an ethnobotanical study”, after returning to St. Croix several times. Kuby earned his Juris Doctor from Cornell Law School in 1983. His grades entitled him to a position on the prestigious Cornell Law Review but Kuby turned down the invitation. He graduated as one of the top students in his class. In addition to providing legal counsel to David Hampton, a petty con artist who made headlines for his brazen claims, Kuby struck up a personal friendship with him that later continued.


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