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Tennessee preacher-cop calls for execution of LGBTQ people

Authorities in Tennessee are reviewing all pending cases involving a Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective after he gave a sermon at his church that called for the government to execute members of the LGBTQ community. “They are worthy of death,” Grayson Fritts said in a June 2 sermon at All Scripture Baptist Church, a small…MORE

NC teen wants to transform shark attack into something good

A 17-year-old North Carolina girl who lost her leg in a shark attack earlier this month says she’s determined to turn it into a positive situation. “I think with this situation, I can transform it … into something good for me, and good for sharks, and good for the environment, too,” Paige Winter said in…MORE

Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice yesterday, which is very unusual

Over 40% of Greenland experienced melting yesterday, with total ice loss estimated to be more than 2 gigatons (a gigaton is equal to 1 billion tons). While Greenland is a big island filled with lots of ice, it is highly unusual for that much ice to be lost in the middle of June. The average…MORE

California prisoners can now legally possess pot. They just can’t smoke it

California inmates can now legally possess marijuana in their cells — as long as they don’t use it, a state appeals court has ruled. A three-judge panel on Tuesday overturned the convictions of five Sacramento men who were found with marijuana in their cells. The California penal code criminalizes the smoking and ingesting of cannabis…MORE