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This Google Doodle celebrates a dance performed by Native American women

If you’re in the United States or Canada, you may have seen the intricately designed Google Doodle above. It’s celebrates the Jingle Dress Dance performed by Native American women. The dance, which originated with the Ojibwe tribe, serves to “affirm the power of Native American women,” Google notes in an explanation of the doodle. The…MORE

El Niño is expected to delay the start of the North American monsoon

The US Southwest may have to wait for those jaw-dropping walls of dust, heavy rains and photogenic lightning strikes. Meteorologists at the National Weather Service office in Tucson, Arizona, are calling for a delayed start to the seasonal shifts in winds that bring these powerful forces of mother nature to the region. Why the delay?…MORE

What it’s like to be a white woman named LaKiesha

When you’re a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman named LaKiesha, life can get complicated. Strangers burst out laughing when you tell them your name. Puzzled white people ask what your parents were thinking. Black people wonder if you’re trying to play a bad joke. It can be exhausting constantly explaining yourself to white people, even though…MORE

An adorable hockey fan, a lawn care superhero and a lovesick fish

We all know what’s good for us. More whole grains, less Netflix bingeing! More moving, less slouching at a desk drinking coffee by the gallon! Blah, blah, blah. Well, here’s a healthy recommendation that actually seems fun: A recent study shows that spending time in nature is measurably good for you. Just two hours a…MORE

Shooting inside a Costco store leaves 1 dead and 2 hurt in Southern California

A shooting inside a Costco store Friday evening left one person dead and two others injured in Southern California, police said A man is in custody after firing inside the store, Lt. Jeff Edwards of Corona police said. His name wasn’t immediately released. The shooting stemmed from an argument inside the store, but the relationship…MORE