Mindy Kaling with Bernie & Sid in the Morning, new movie “Late Night” opens Friday

Whether she was expressing her love for Ryan Gosling in the break room of “The Office,” or stealing expensive jewels from the Met Gala with Sandra Bullock in “Oceans 8,” Mindy Kaling is constantly bringing memorable characters to life. According to the Cambridge born actress, her role as Molly Patel in her upcoming film, “Late Night,” is no different. The Amazon Studios-produced comedy is written by Mindy Kaling, directed by Nisha Ganatra and stars Emma Thompson, Hugh Dancy, and John Lithgow.

“Late Night,” is the tale of a female veteran, talk show host, who only uses white, male writers. Forced to deal with plunging ratings, a diversity issue and a woman bashing reputation, Katherine Newbury, played by Thompson, has to figure out a solution to save her show and her job. Thompson’s solution includes finding one person who embodies everything that she is missing. Enters Molly Patel, a female, Indian, chemical plant employee with no writing experience at all, who is assigned the task of proving she isn’t a pity hire, and she has what it takes to make it in the writer’s room. Tackling issues that are now hot topics in the entertainment industry, like diversity and gender bias, the indie comedy puts a microscope on the male-driven environment that is late-night television.

Pulling material from her real life, Mindy Kaling got her start in the world of late-night television as an intern for the Conan O’Brien Show. Two years later, she would find herself as a guest on O’Brien’s show for her role in acting, writing, and executive producing, the Emmy nominated series, “The Office.” Kaling’s star got brighter with the premiere of her Fox series, “The Mindy Project.” An audience favorite, the series followed Kaling, who played Mindy Lahiri, and the ups and downs of her life as an obstetrician. With seven awards under her belt and more than twenty award nominations, “The Mindy Project,” allowed Kaling to shine as a creator, writer, and director of her own series.

Mindy discusses her movie, career and what’s next with Bernie & Sid in the Morning.