How to get cash for your unwanted gift cards

Did you get a gift card to a store you will never go to? All is not lost .. apparently you can trade in your 100 gift card for about $87. Walmart, Apple. & Red Lobster seemed to hold the most value.¬†recommends checking out the following sites … (of course use common sense and caution to make sure you’re not getting scammed)

If you’re selling a gift card, try CardCash.¬†You can also buy gift cards for a discount on websites like Gift Card Granny.

Got an unwanted gift card? Here's how to turn it into cash

If you received a gift card for Christmas to a place you normally don't visit, you may want to sell it. Just know you won't get the full value. And if there is a seller offering to pay face value or higher, says it's likely a scam.

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