How to stop porch pirates from stealing your holiday deliveries

Have you ever had a package stolen from your front door? This guy is fed up with the porch pirates …

A former NASA engineer revealed he spent six months perfecting a booby-trapped bait package that he has been using to cover porch pirates in glitter and subjected to an artificial fart smell. Mark Rober said in a YouTube video that he was inspired to take matters into his own hands earlier this year when an Amazon package was stolen from his porch and police told him they didn’t have time to investigate the theft. Rober left the boeby-trapped packages on some friends’ porches to bait thieves, and the resulting instant karma was captured on video by phones hidden inside the boxes, which Rober said were quickly abandoned by the thieves once the traps were discovered. “So the moral of the story is: just don’t take other people’s stuff. Not only is not cool, but on the plus side, you’ll never find yourself in this situation,” Rober says.



NASA engineer creates beautiful glitter bomb to fend off porch pirates

ex-NASA engineer mark rober has engineered a glitter bomb to stop thieves from stealing your mail when its left on your porch.

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