The Top Ten Google Searches of 2018

Google released its annual stats on the top searches of 2018.  The World Cup was the top search overall in the U.S., followed by Hurricane Florence.

1.  The World Cup.  France won it back in July.  They beat Croatia 4 to 2 in the final.  Kind of amazing it’s #1, since the U.S. didn’t even make the World Cup this year.

2.  Hurricane Florence.  It slammed into the Carolinas back in September.

3.  Rapper Mac Miller, who died of an overdose in September.

4.  Fashion designer Kate Spade, who died in June.

5.  Anthony Bourdain, who died three days after Kate.  (Both deaths were officially ruled suicide by hanging.)

6.  The movie “Black Panther”, which hit theaters in February.

7.  The Mega Millions results.  Some jerk in South Carolina bought a winning ticket worth $1.5 BILLION back in October.

8.  Stan Lee, who passed away last month at 95.

9.  Demi Lovato, who spent two months in rehab after an overdose this summer.

10.  The midterm election results.


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