Burger King’s New Sandwich is Green And Allegedly Gives You Nightmares

Burger King has a new chicken sandwich coming out next week called the Nightmare King, it’s got a green bun. Apparently BK teamed up with some researchers who ran a study and found that when people ate the sandwich, they had three-and-a-half times more nightmares than normal.┬áThe burger will be available at select locations starting on Oct. 22.


Burger King debuts green 'nightmare' cheeseburger with beef and chicken for Halloween

Burger King's latest concoction is the stuff of dreams - or nightmares. Just in time for Halloween, the fast food giant is adding to its menu the "Nightmare King," a burger with a ghoulish green bun stuffed with chicken, a quarter-pound of beef patty, thick cut bacon, American cheese, mayonnaise and onions, according to a news release.