Gunz Talks with Author Sebastian Abbot

I had a great time speaking with author Sebastian Abbot about his brand new book, “The Away Game.”  It is a captivating book that follows the story of millions of young men and boys across Africa, all competing for the dream of a lifetime – to become soccer’s next biggest superstars.  We discuss the back story, the recruiting and training of the players at such a young age, as well as what some of the biggest scouts in the sporting business are looking for.  Also, the book touches on the human element – for some of these boys, this is their only way out of poverty or warn-torn nations.  It’s a great interview that I hope you enjoy, as well as pick up Sebastian’s new book – now available on Amazon!

You can follow Sebastian on Twitter: @Sabbot

and as always you can follow me on Twitter: @TheGunzShow


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