Mike Eruzione

The story about the 1980’s Team USA Men’s Hockey Team is one of hte most famous and perhaps the greatest sports story of all time.  A bunch of young, amateur hockey players had to take on the Russians and nobody gave the U.S. a chance.  Over coming adversity, odds, and relying on themselves and their head coach Herb Brooks, Team USA not only was able to come back and beat the Russians, but also defeat Finland and win the gold medal.

I spoke with Team USA’s Mike Eruzione about what it was like to be part of that team – how his life has changed.  He also gives advice to any Olympians competing today and what they can expect when they return home.  Also, Mike gives us some insight as to what the team was thinking, if they really believed they could defeat the Russians, and also the importance of just how great their story is – it’s the ultimate underdog story that I told Mike resonates above sports and that people can use in many aspects of their lives.

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