Ken Daneyko


When you think about the New Jersey Devils you think about their 3 Stanley Cups… and one of the men that was there for all of them (as well as 20 seasons with the team) is Ken Daneyko.  His #3 jersey is retired and hanging from the rafters as, “Mr. Devil,” as he’s known from the fans is looking down upon future players.

Ken speaks with me about this year’s Devils team, as well as a special event – Friday, January 6th the Devils will inductee their first “Ring of Honor,” member – Dr. John McMullen who brought the team to New Jersey back in 1982.  Pretty much there wouldn’t be a Devils team if it wasn’t for Dr. McMullen.  His legacy will be honored and remembered with a pre-game ceremony before the team takes on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I also had the chance to talk to Ken about the difference – be it salary caps, free agency, etc. about why and how rare it is for player’s to not stick with one team throughout their careers; something the NY Islanders did for their 4 Stanley Cup runs, or Danno did with his 20 seasons with the team.

Check out the interview here!