Clinton vs Trump Debate Podiums…Mystery Solved [Exclusive Photos]

There’s been a lot of talk about the podiums for Monday’s big first presidential debate for Clinton vs Trump, as Clinton is 5’4″ and Trump 6’2″ and her team wanted the podium modified or a box added for her to stand on so she won’t look short next to Donald Trump. No one has publicly seen/shown the actual podiums until now… Mystery solved!!


Journalist Rita Cosby got inside the debate hall and got an exclusive sneak peek at the two podiums, one is clearly larger (ON THE RIGHT IN PHOTOS) than the other and she was told it has plywood in the middle to raise it. Soon after these photos were taken, the one on the left side was placed in position for the debate to the right side of the stage if you are facing the stage. It’s unclear which one will be used for Clinton and if anything else will be added, a box etc.


These are the first images of the actual podiums inside the hall.


All photos and information from WABC Radio Host Rita Cosby”