Jim Breuer on Bernie and Sid! [Exclusive Video]

Jim Breuer, a hilarious comedian and actor, stopped by the Bernie and Sid show to talk with the guys about music, sports and more!

First, Jim talks about his new album “Songs From The Garage”, what makes him drink more than watching baseball, and much more!

Click below for Part 1 of Jim Breuer’s interview!

Jim talks with Bernie and Sid about his days on Saturday Night Live and gives a hilarious impression of Joe Pesci! He also gives us his opinion on the best rock band of all time, plus a few renditions of AC/DC songs. He also talks about politics, Donald Trump and war.

Click below for Part 2 of Jim Breuer’s interview!

Finally, Jim talks about voting and why he doesn’t care for politics. He also talks about where he’s from and more!

Click below for Part 3 of Jim Breuer’s interview!