EXCLUSIVE: Carson on suspending campaign “I regret not choosing my own people early on”


(77 WABC New York) — Former Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson is already reflecting on his now-suspended presidential campaign.

“I regret not choosing my own people early on,” speaking exclusively with 77 WABC’s Election Central with Rita Cosby.  “Letting other people do that and trusting them. That was clearly a mistake.”

On Wednesday, Carson released a statement saying he did not see “a political path forward” in the race for the party nomination, making an official announcement to end his campaign during a speech on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

But Carson isn’t taking all the blame, saying the most difficult obstacle to overcome was what the retired neurosurgeon believes was the “unfairness of the media” and lack of press coverage.

“For instance, three weeks ago I did a one-hour town hall in South Carolina on national defense and the major challenges facing us in foreign policy and it was wall-to-wall reporters,” Carson said.  “And they were flabbergasted by my knowledge of everything, but only one of them wrote a story. And that’s because they’re looking for something bad to say. They never want to report anything good.”


During his campaign, Carson experienced brief surges in support, especially in Iowa, but failed to build lasting momentum.  To date, Carson’s only secured 8 delegates during the preisdential primary season.  3 of those delegates were locked up on Super Tuesday with a 5th place finish in Virginia’s primary.

“I get a lot of love everywhere. But it doesn’t translate into votes”, Carson said.  “My message is not resonating with enough people to make a difference.  We have a lot of true believers, no question about that, but, it’s not enough.”

Carson says he’s absolutely proud of his effort and despite dropping out, Carson still feels he can make a difference.

“You know, I have faith in God. You know, there’s a reason for all of this,” Carson says.  “And all, I always say, you have to do is your best. You do your best, and you do what’s right, and God will take care of the rest.”

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