Miracle Guidance for Everyday Life

Miracle Guidance for Everyday Life with Dr. Carmen Harra

Sunday 1 – 2 AM


Dr. Carmen Harra is a psychologist, author, relationship coach, intuitive counselor, and medium who has been changing lives for over 30 years. Sought internationally by people from all walks of life, Carmen uniquely combines her wide knowledge of human behavior with her remarkable intuitive abilities to resolve any and all problems.


From dilemmas in love and complicated relationships to concerns in finances and erasing phobias, Carmen has the answers. Her newest call-in show, Miracle Guidance for Everyday Life, offers profound wisdom, practical advice, daily exercises, and powerful predictions for her audience. Carmen not only provides an empowering sense of purpose to her listeners, she demystifies their destiny. Listen today to receive Carmen’s miracle guidance and begin your positive life transformation. 





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